Lynwood Care Home

Lynwood Care Home, Lynwood Court
We are now coming to the end of phase 3, the final phase of a great project that has been built in the beautiful area of Ascot. The project is situated on the outskirts of Ascot close to Wentworth Golf club. The project has been built as a retirement village consisting of 3 large apartment blocks all interlinked, several houses, shops, a gym and cinema.
Each phase of the project are almost mirror images of each other. The buildings have each had a full design to make sure the slight changes were picked and each have been completely wrapped in scaffold. They have also had a lot of internal works as all of the buildings have huge orangeries within them that required scaffolding completely to install the huge glass frames.

Each phase constructed was built from tube and fitting type scaffold and had beam work within it to get over different obstacles. A large birdcage was built from one end of the building to the other measuring 40 meters long and at some points 30 meters wide.