New Victoria Hospital

New Victoria Hospital, Kingston
This project/refurbishment was on a live hospital in Kingston. Whilst the work was undertaken, the hospital was reduced to half meaning the task at hand had no time to spare. Once one half of the project was complete the hospital moved in and the second half began. The project included an extension and alterations to the current building.
The project was designed to keep the scaffold to a minimum to allow a quick turnaround to get the hospital running to its full potential. Whilst the scaffold was being erected, there were strict noise restrictions so impact guns and other loud equipment were kept to a minimum. The scaffold was an independent working platform to the perimeter and works to the roof. All the work was monarflexed to keep the dust and noise to a minimum.

The hospital is renowned for its high standards of care and service to its patients and has continued to be operational throughout the contract period. It consisted of independent, birdcages, lifting frame to manoeuvre new generator etc to the roof.