Tuffnell's Way - Shanly Homes

Tuffnell's Way, Harpenden
Alandale are currently working on a beautiful new housing development in Harpenden just outside of London. As the company is growing as well as London, we are starting to work further afield as well.
As this project started mid-November, the cold and wet weather had set in. The show home however needed to be complete by spring. To overcome this the house was completely encapsulated with a temporary roof and sheeted sides to allow the brickwork etc to continue through the winter months. The remaining houses are erected to suit the bricklayers, window fitters and roofers.

Tube and fitting independent access scaffold was built complete with a temporary roof. This was held down with water butts kentledge as per design. The remaining houses were scaffolded progressively with tube and fitting at 1.5m lifts.